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76 Projects to Compete for the 3rd WeGO Smart Sustainable City Awards

2017-05-03 15:21
WeGO is pleased to announce that 76 Projects from 56 cities will be competing for the 3rd WeGO Smart Sustainable City Awards!

All projects have been screened by the WeGO Secretariat to ensure that they meet the Terms and Conditions of the Awards, and have been forwarded to the members of the distinguished Panel of Judges for evaluation. The winners of the Awards will be announced by the end of May, and the winning cities will be honored during the 3rd WeGO Smart Sustainable City Awards Ceremony during the 4th WeGO General Assembly on June 28, 2017 in Ulyanovsk Region, Russia.

We thank all the cities for applying, and we wish you all the best of luck! Please check back on this website for further updates.

Visit this link for updates on the 4th WeGO General Assembly.
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