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Cauayan City selected as beneficiary of Project Implementer 2020

Cauayan City selected as beneficiary of Project Implementer 2020 570 380 WeGO

Cauayan City selected as beneficiary of Project Implementer 2020

April 3, 2020

SEOUL – WeGO has selected Cauayan City, Philippines, as the beneficiary local government of the Project Implementer 2020 for its project proposal toward developing a data dashboard to minimize the impact of tropical storms on the city.

Formerly branded as the “Smart Sustainable City Feasibility Study Program,” or “F/S,” WeGO’s Project Implementer aims to implement pilot projects that align with local and national development goals. For each selected submission, WeGO sponsors the services from a consultant and solution provider with the needed expertise, up to an amount of approx. USD 92,000. In turn, local governments are required to contribute both financially and in kind toward further expansion of the project.

This year’s request for proposals (RFP) under the theme of “Enabling Better Decision-Making Through Digital Infrastructure” sought to attract projects related to building infrastructure that enables better decision-making by involving not just governments, but citizens and business as well, in an intelligent connected ecosystem.

Among the 12 submissions from local governments across Africa, Asia, and Latin America, Cauayan City’s proposal stood out for its focus on crisis management, an essential skill for all levels of government in confidently navigating through series of disruptive and unexpected events including the COVID-19 pandemic. By developing a Digital Twin Data Dashboard integrated to a CCTV system, the city expects to better cope with tropical storms and expand its national resilience network, resulting in improved disaster management and increased citizen wellbeing.

On April 13, WeGO will release an RFP for consulting companies and solution providers interested in carrying out the feasibility study and pilot project. Applications can be submitted until May 22 and the pilot project is expected to be carried out from July to December.

For initiatives of those local governments that were not selected, WeGO will be reaching out to its partners to find interest in funding and supporting the initiatives.


UPDATE: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Project Implementer 2020 has been postponed to next year. Updates on this program will be provided here