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from the
WeGO Secretariat

Secretary General

Greetings from the WeGO Secretariat.

Every city has a journey. As the world population increasingly shifts to urban areas, the World Smart Sustainable Cities Organization (WeGO) has taken a leadership role in facilitating the transformation of cities to smart sustainable cities worldwide. WeGO’s vision of Smart Sustainable Cities for All is an inclusive vision for urban development based not only on the latest smart city technologies but also through community driven initiatives powered by citizen participation. Our over 200 members serve citizens and they hold the true key to innovation and the future of smart cities.

WeGO is an inclusive global platform for cities, companies, and experts to gather and share knowledge and ideas. It is a place for city-to-city cooperation, a place for cities and companies to meet and work on joint projects, and a rich source of knowledge and experience on smart sustainable cities for citizens around the world.

It is my honor to serve as the Secretary General of the World Smart Sustainable Cities Organization. I look forward to working with our extraordinary network of Executive Committee Member Cities, Vice President Cities, President City, and all our members to create a better future for urban stakeholders around the world. WeGO will be part of your city’s transformational and sustainable journey to a smarter and more livable city.

Kyong-yul Lee
Secretary General