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SG Lee continues meetings with ambassadors

SG Lee continues meetings with ambassadors 570 380 WeGO

SG Lee continues meetings with ambassadors

June 6, 2019

SEOUL – WeGO’s Secretary General Kyong-yul Lee furthered his organization’s relationships among the diplomatic community in Seoul, meeting over the past couple of months with ambassadors from countries in Asia, Africa, Europe, and the Americas.

Among the missions representing countries of existing member cities, SG Lee separately met with counterparts from the embassies of Ethiopia and Malaysia. He took the opportunity to introduce WeGO’s upcoming activities and to discuss ways to step up support for each other in the area of smart cities.

The ambassador of the Dominican Republic, whose city of Villa Tapia is a member of WeGO, also received SG Lee and welcomed the prospect for capital Santo Domingo to join the organization. Santo Domingo’s director for urban planning later met with WeGO and expressed interest in funds toward feasibility studies and pilot projects related to the city’s urban development plan.

SG Lee additionally paid a courtesy call to the newly appointed ambassador of Italy, H.E. Federico Failla, and explored strategies to bring Italian cities into WeGO’s network. WeGO was later invited to an official celebration of the Italian Republic Day, on which occasion staff met with the ambassadors of Canada and Belarus.

In a meeting with the ambassador of Spain, SG Lee received assurances of the embassy’s commitment to work closely with WeGO alongside Spanish cities such as Barcelona, which stands as one of the leading smart cities in the country.