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WeGO supports partners on COVID-19 response through webinars

WeGO supports partners on COVID-19 response through webinars 570 380 WeGO

WeGO supports partners on COVID-19 response through webinars

April 30, 2020

SEOUL – WeGO recently contributed to two webinars organized by its partners on the response to COVID-19 as part of its activities with the Smart Health Responder, a new initiative aiming to provide members, partners, and stakeholders with useful information to combat the virus.

In a webinar organized by India’s Smart Cities Mission–leading the urban renewal program for the development of 100 smart cities in the country–and the World Economic Forum, WeGO shared examples of best practice from Seoul that could be replicated across India. These included drive/walk-thru testing, a “Clean Zone” campaign to protect businesses, and mask rationing and inventory apps. In addition to targeted local officials from the network’s 100 cities, the online conference had an audience of close to 2,000 people from 160+ cities in 20 countries via Zoom and Facebook Live.

WeGO also took part in a webinar organized by Taiwanese smart city association GO SMART on April 29, where local government and private sector representatives gathered to discuss the role of smart tech in fighting COVID-19 and the type of solutions cities need. Alongside speakers from GO SMART’s own network, WeGO introduced its Smart Health Responder and illustrated its purpose by giving examples of successful measures and policies in tackling the virus.

Going forward, WeGO is also planning to host its own webinar on battling COVID-19 through international exchange and cooperation at the end of the month.

Members and partners can further expect more online activities in the near future, as the current pandemic continues to reshape WeGO’s priorities for 2020.