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WeGO is now accepting applications for the WeGO ICT Feasibility Study Project 2017

2017-04-18 15:09
WeGO is now accepting Requests for Project Proposals (RFP) for the WeGO ICT Feasibility Study Project 2017, which WeGO provides annually at no cost to members. WeGO has been conducting ICT Feasibility Study Projects since its establishment to provide technical assistance and to advance the digital capacity of its member cities around the world.

This year's WeGO ICT Feasibility Study Project is on "Mobile Technology & Connectivity" and will will focus on identifying and recognizing transformative, innovative contributions to the evolution of Smart Cities via the use of mobile technology & connectivity. WeGO seeks projects that address specific urban challenges, fuel economic activities, provide services for the city to improve the quality of life for citizens in a tangible and sustainable way.
More information on this year's feasibility study can be found here, and all RFPs must be submitted to the WeGO Secretariat by April 30, 2017.