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Call for Bids on the Hosting of the 5th WeGO General Assembly 2020

2017-04-18 15:08
WeGO has opened the bidding for the hosting of the 5th WeGO General Assembly in 2020!

The General Assembly (GA), WeGO's prestigious flagship event, has been hosted in the following cities:

WeGO Inaugural General Assembly 2010 - Seoul, Korea
2nd WeGO General Assembly 2012 - Barcelona, Spain
3rd WeGO General Assembly 2014 - Chengdu, China
4th WeGO General Assembly 2016 - Ulyanovsk Region, Russia

We invite your city to be next in this line of impressive cities who have taken a leading role in the pursuit of smart sustainable city development based on ICT. As leaders of local governments and Smart City stakeholders worldwide will be coming to the General Assembly, hosting the GA will be a great opportunity for a city to establish its reputation as a smart city leader.

Please click here to download the 5th WeGO General Assembly 2020 Bidding Package if you are up to the task of hosting this momentous event!

All bids must be submitted to secretariat@we-gov.org by May 14, 2017, and for more information, please email Ms. Eunbyul Cho at eunbyul@we-gov.org