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Promote your experience through an international online publication for Smart Cities

2017-03-08 16:28

What is it?

A WeGO partner, the
Committee of Digital and Knowledge-based Cities of UCLG, is planning to conduct a new research on the current situation of ICT & innovation and city transformation into truly 'smart cities' (“Smart Cities Study 2017”), following the success of the first edition in 2012.

The goals of this new
research include: a) description of the present situation and the opportunities in these fields at the local level; b) identification of key elements that can slow down or facilitate city development; and c) identification of good practices that can serve as references for other cities to progress in the concept of“Smart City”. In order to achieve these goals, three major aspects of a Smart City have been defined:

Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Generation of Economic Activity
- Knowledge and Talent
- Society and Digital Economy

- Promote your best smart city practice by sharing it through an international online publication
- Learn from smart city solutions offered by other like-minded cities

You can contribute to the research by filling out this questionnaire either in English, French, or Spanish. Please send the complete questionnaire to the Committee Secretariat at info@uclg-digitalcities.org before the 22nd of February.

You may find all the information in the following link: http://www.uclg-digitalcities.org/en/smart-cities-study/edicion-2017 We look forward to your active participation in the Smart City Study 2017!

Should you have any questions, please conact: Ms. Lidia Cobas

Technical Secretariat
UCLG Committee of Digital and Knowledge-based Cities

Tel: +34 94 439 82 10
Ext. 26