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Regular Meetings

2010 Inaugural General Assembly

2010 Inaugural General Assembly 2500 1407 WeGO

The Inaugural General Assembly announced the foundation of The World e-Government Organization (WeGO) which had to play an important role for the whole international community…

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2012 General Assembly

2012 General Assembly 2500 1667 WeGO

The 2nd WeGO General Assembly was held in 2012 in Barcelona, in line with the Smart City Expo World Congress…

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2017 General Assembly

2017 General Assembly 1991 1326 WeGO

The 4th WeGO GA took place in Ulyanovsk Region, Russia, from June 27 to 30, 2017, with the theme “Smart Sustainable Cities for All.”

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2014 General Assembly

2014 General Assembly 1920 1112 WeGO


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WeGO EXCOM Meeting 2019

WeGO EXCOM Meeting 2019 1872 1051 WeGO

The Executive Committee (EXCOM) Meeting 2019: Advancing Human-Centered Smart Cities was held from October 14 to 16, 2019…

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WeGO EXCOM Meeting 2018

WeGO EXCOM Meeting 2018 2000 1500 WeGO

The Local Government of Quezon City, Philippines hosted a successful WeGO Executive Committee Meeting from October 17-19, 2018…

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WeGO EXCOM Meeting 2016

WeGO EXCOM Meeting 2016 1920 1280 WeGO

The WeGO EXCOM 2016 meeting was a three-day event held in Beyoğlu district of Istanbul, Turkey.

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WeGO EXCOM Meeting 2015

WeGO EXCOM Meeting 2015 2000 1500 WeGO

The Executive Committee Meeting 2015 was held in Ulyanovsk Region, Russia from September 16 to 18, 2015…

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WeGO EXCOM Meeting 2013

WeGO EXCOM Meeting 2013 1920 1443 WeGO

In 2013, the Executive Committee Meeting was held in Chengdu, China…

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2011 EXCOM Meeting

2011 EXCOM Meeting 2000 1333 WeGO

The role of Executive Committee held in Barcelona, Spain in 2011…

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