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WeGO Activator

An innovative, comprehensive, and collaborative online platform that has three components: Discover, Plan, and Exchange.

What is the Activator?

The WeGO Activator is an innovative and collaborative online platform that helps WeGO members plan, deploy, and finance smart city projects and exchange knowledge with each other. Its main components are Discover, Plan, and Exchange, with additional features coming soon. The WeGO Activator was developed with Smart Cities Council, a WeGO partner.

See a Quick Overview here.

What are the Activator’s key features? 


Discover serves as the WeGO Smart City Driver’s main enabler and is a tool that helps streamline the application process for the WeGO Solution Finder and WeGO Project Implementer. It is a one-stop shop for applications to receive assistance on smart city projects as well as a tool to matchmake with strategic partners.


Plan is a guidance platform for cities to identify stakeholders and their respective roles and in planning, executing, monitoring, and evaluating smart city projects.


Exchange is a global directory of smart city projects where urban stakeholders can share cases and benchmark with other project managers from all over the world. It features direct communication channels to project managers.

Discover allows WeGO to streamline the process for WeGO programs where members are required to submit applications for project implementation and matchmaking in various smart city areas. Through Discover, WeGO will be able to help members identify suitable solutions to their needs and challenges and to connect them with experts, solution providers, funders, and investors.

Applications available on Discover include:
WeGO Project Implementer. The Project Implementer is a financial support and technical assistance program aimed to facilitate WeGO members’ transformation to smart sustainable cities. It aims to assess its member cities’ current smart city development status, draw practical strategies, and implement pilot projects that align with the local and/or national development goals and plans, in cooperation with consultants. Check out the details here.

WeGO Solution Finder. It is a systematic, comprehensive survey that extracts key data on ongoing or prospective smart city projects by local governments – at any stage of their lifecycle–which is then used to pinpoint and propose “packages” of solutions that can contribute to and strengthen the resources necessary for successful, citywide implementation. Details can be found here.

4th WeGO Awards. Cities and local governments, smart tech solution providers, and public organizations are invited to share their outstanding smart city projects and be recognized at the WeGO Awards. The application period is ongoing until May 29. More information can be found here.

A guide on how to use the Discover tool can be found here.

For any smart city project, it is important to realize the full range of stakeholders and their legal, financial, and technical roles. This feature allows users to discover and map the stakeholder ecosystem. Namely, members will be able to map stakeholders and understand their roles, capture their legal, financial, and technical relationships, and visualize the entire ecosystem with the ability to drill down details.

The Plan tool contains 25+ modules including structuring business models, creating use cases, and mapping the customer journey. Here is the partial list:

A guide on how to use the Plan tool can be found here. The Smart Cities Council held an introductory webinar on how to utilize Plan — check out the recording on YouTube!

This feature promotes peer-to-peer knowledge exchange that is fast, safe, and user-friendly.

  • Members can share and access metadata on smart city projects submitted by cities across the globe (project name, city, project focus, type of technology, etc)
  • Members can contact other cities with similar projects by clicking a Request for Contact form. The form is then forwarded to the designated project manager of the project, whom users can start discussions with. The Activator does not display any contact details.

A guide on how to use the Exchange tool can be found here.

Why use the Activator?

Free for WeGO members. Members have full access to the Activator and are able to make use of all its main features free of charge.

Online and collaborative. Members are able to share data on their smart city challenges and ongoing projects within the organization and with relevant stakeholders completely online to accelerate discussions irrespective of their location and time zone.

User-friendly. Forms and templates are designed in a user-friendly way to ensure more effective data input and data exchange.

Available in foreign languages. Members can input and read data in different languages through Google Translate.

Practical and action-oriented. Members have at their disposal practical instruments for project planning, grant application, and matchmaking to ultimately advance the adoption of smart city initiatives in their respective cities.

Data-driven. Members can operate visualized data for informed decision making.

How do I start?

1. Each WeGO member is given one manager seat to use the Activator. Please assign one person from your city/company/institution to take this role.
2. The manager can register for an Activator account at Click on “Register”.
3. Fill out the necessary information, and after submitting, you will receive a confirmation email.
4. Open the confirmation email, and click on “Confirm Account”. Wait for aprroval.
5. Once approved, you will receive an email confirming that you can now log-in the WeGO Activator.
6. Sign-in with the email and password you entered when registering for an account.  
7. For any questions, please email

* Please note that the Activator is optimized to work with Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Safari. Some of the website’s functions will not work on Internet Explorer.