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New policy

SMS Permit System

SMS Permit System 548 399 WeGO

SMS Permit SystemAzerbaijan Azerbaijan has announced a novice SMS Permit System in order to better manage the enforced public self-quarantine measures. Citizens wishing to step outside their quarantined space are…

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Actions for Vulnerable Groups

Actions for Vulnerable Groups 570 380 WeGO

Actions for Vulnerable GroupsSão Paulo City According to the 2019 Population Census, 24,344 people are homeless in São Paulo. Thus, the City Hall has engaged efforts to guarantee support to…

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COVID-19 Precautions of Sultanbeyli Municipality

COVID-19 Precautions of Sultanbeyli Municipality 608 440 WeGO

COVID-19 Precautions of Sultanbeyli MunicipalityIstanbul Sultanbeyli Municipality (Istanbul) has taken certain preventive measures against the spread of COVID-19 and has been offering services to its residents. Here are some examples:…

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SMS & Call Service for Essential Journeys

SMS & Call Service for Essential Journeys 570 380 WeGO

SMS & Call Service for Essential JourneysGreece As part of the lockdown in Greece, citizens are not allowed to leave their homes between 6AM to 9PM and for any essential…

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Ahmedabad Digital Patrolling

Ahmedabad Digital Patrolling 700 466 WeGO

Ahmedabad Digital PatrollingAhmedabad In the midst of a lockdown, the Command and Control Center in Ahmedabad is using its already installed city-wide CCTV network as a monitoring tool to ensure…

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Working from Home and Safe Distancing

Working from Home and Safe Distancing 570 380 WeGO

Working from Home and Safe DistancingSingapore Singapore has launched the Infectious Diseases Act to urge employers to adopt flexible work arrangements in an effort to minimize the spread of COVID-19.…

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Robot Delivery Vehicles

Robot Delivery Vehicles 570 380 WeGO

Robot Delivery VehiclesWuhan UNIDO’s Investment and Technology Promotion Office (ITPO) in Shanghai and the Beijing-based White Rhino Auto company partnered together to incorporate unmanned vehicles at Wuhan’s Guanggu Field Hospital…

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Clean Zone Campaign

Clean Zone Campaign 636 478 WeGO

Clean Zone CampaignRepublic of Korea In Korea, the names of the businesses and establishments visited and the paths of movement of confirmed COVID-19 patients are released to help curb the…

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Designated Clinics

Designated Clinics 883 497 WeGO

Designated ClinicsRepublic of Korea Designated Clinics are separate medical facilities used to screen and test those who are suspected to have COVID-19 before entering main medical facilities. Hundreds of test…

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Ramallah’s COVID-19 Measures

Ramallah’s COVID-19 Measures 570 380 WeGO

Ramallah's COVID-19 MeasuresPalestine Ramallah believes that cities have the capacity to support their communities to withstand crises. In light of the latest COVID-19 pandemic, their responsibility as civil servants in…

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