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T 150 150 WeGO

COVID-19 Detection X-ray Software

COVID-19 Detection X-ray Software 538 242 WeGO

COVID-19 Detection X-ray SoftwareUSA The University of Dayton Research Institute (UDRI) developed a software that can rapidly diagnose COVID-19 by analyzing chest X-rays within seconds while reporting a 99 percent…

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Hospital Availability Tracker

Hospital Availability Tracker 1518 725 WeGO

Hospital Availability TrackerMexico City An interactive map where all residents of Mexico City and the neighboring state of Mexico can check on the availability of the hospitals that are providing…

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Crowd Temperature Scanning System

Crowd Temperature Scanning System 570 380 WeGO

Crowd Temperature Scanning SystemMexico City VSBLTY, a retail software and technology company, and RadarApp, a Smart City solutions provider, have launched a Crowd Temperature Scanning System aimed at identifying potential…

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Pandemic Drone

Pandemic Drone 904 319 WeGO

Pandemic DroneAustralia, Canada A pandemic drone that can supposedly scan crowds of people to monitor temperature, heart rates, coughing, and even blood pressure is being developed by the Canadian company…

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Digital Platform for Screening & Follow-up of Potential Patients

Digital Platform for Screening & Follow-up of Potential Patients 1160 348 WeGO

Digital Platform for Screening & Follow-up of Potential PatientsMexico City An automatic screening tool for people who suspect they might be infected with the novel coronavirus is available for residents…

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Smart Thermometer

Smart Thermometer 774 516 WeGO

Smart ThermometerUnited States of America Kinsa’s Smart Thermometer is an internet-connected thermo-checking device that can help forecast the spread of COVID-19. Kinsa aggregates the temperature and symptoms data it receives…

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COVID-19 “Detect and Prevent” Challenge

COVID-19 “Detect and Prevent” Challenge 430 459 WeGO

COVID-19 'Detect and Prevent' ChallengeUNDP, Hackster Hackster, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), and other partners are launching a technology-transfer event to support developing nations during the COVID19 pandemic. COVID-19…

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Cities for Global Health Platform

Cities for Global Health Platform 1678 335 WeGO

Cities for Global Health PlatformMetropolis International Cities for Global Health is a collaborative online platform that offers access to knowledge, strategies and actionable plans implemented by local and regional governments…

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