T 150 150 WeGO

COVID-19 Detection Test

COVID-19 Detection Test 980 545 WeGO

COVID-19 Detection TestIndia With limited test centers for COVID-19 available in the country, online medical platform Practo has partnered with Thyrocare to make COVID-19 detection tests available in Mumbai. To…

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Smart Helmets

Smart Helmets 780 520 WeGO

Smart HelmetsUAE Dubai police are using the smart helmets to screen people in densely populated areas. The smart helmets, equipped with AI-based Infrared camera, face recognition and care number plate…

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QR Code Pass System

QR Code Pass System 570 380 WeGO

QR Code Pass SystemRussia The region, some 400 kilometers east of Moscow, introduced a QR code pass system aimed to minimize the spread of COVID-19. Residents need to apply for…

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SMS Permit System

SMS Permit System 548 399 WeGO

SMS Permit SystemAzerbaijan Azerbaijan has announced a novice SMS Permit System in order to better manage the enforced public self-quarantine measures. Citizens wishing to step outside their quarantined space are…

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“BeAware” Electronic Wristbands

“BeAware” Electronic Wristbands 570 380 WeGO

“BeAware” Electronic WristbandsBahrain Electronic bracelets embedded with BeAware* app – a COVID-19 contact tracing application developed by the Information & eGovernment Authority (iGA), in collaboration with the National Taskforce for…

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Aarogya Setu Wristbands

Aarogya Setu Wristbands 570 380 WeGO

Aarogya Setu WristbandsIndia India has introduced a smart wristband which will be embedded with its Arogya Setu app – a COVID-19 tracking mobile application developed by National Informatics Centre of…

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Handrail Sterilizer

Handrail Sterilizer 760 428 WeGO

Handrail SterilizerRepublic of Korea LG Innotek and Clearwin introduced the handrail UV LED sterilizer to provide continuous and automatic disinfection of the surface from bacteria, parasites, and viruses. The product…

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Integrated Disease Surveillance Program

Integrated Disease Surveillance Program 1200 630 WeGO

Integrated Disease Surveillance ProgramIndia IDSP which has previously been used to track H1N1 influenza and measles is now used to monitor people across the country for COVID-19. In areas where…

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A Self-Assessment Tool in 11 Languages

A Self-Assessment Tool in 11 Languages 532 355 WeGO

A Self-Assessment Tool in 11 LanguagesQatar The Qatar Computing Research Institute (QCRI) has developed a self-assessment tool in 11 languages to help users know more about their health status and…

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