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Webinar on CJK Smart Cities:
Synthesizing Smart City Initiatives

Webinar on CJK Smart Cities:
Synthesizing Smart City Initiatives

Webinar on CJK Smart Cities:
Synthesizing Smart City Initiatives
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This webinar was the first step toward the establishment of a smart city cooperation platform among China, Japan, and Korea. Regional partnerships promoted knowledge exchange and joint strategies on smart city development in the lead up to the upcoming smart city forum for a broader community of cities and other stakeholders across CJK.

CJK smart city initiatives were presented along with a panel discussion among ICT leaders from the private sector who shared visions and plans for long-term cooperation.

Date: 2020.08.05
Time: 14:00-16:00 (CST), 15:00-17:00 (JST/KST)
Platform: Zoom
Language: Chinese, Japanese, and Korean (Simultaneous Interpretation)

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Welcome Remarks

Kyong-yul Lee
World Smart Sustainable Cities Organization (WeGO)
Secretary General

Hisashi Michigami
Trilateral Cooperation Secretariat (TCS)


CJK Smart City Initiatives and Need for Cooperation

This session brings together smart city organization representatives from China, Japan and Korea to give a comprehensive overview of each country’s smart city development, unveiling the canvas based on which trilateral cooperation can be established over the months ahead. Recognizing the broad range of shared opportunities for smart city development in the sub-region, this session seeks to clarify the role and responsibilities of national associations in supporting cities, identify areas of overlapping needs and priorities among cities transnationally, and initiate the discussion necessary to co-formulate innovative ideas in trilaterally shaping and carrying out joint projects.

Mingmei Zheng
China Center for Urban Development (CCUD)
Director of Smart and Low-Carbon Development Division

Takehiko Nagumo
Smart City Institute Japan (SCI-J)
Executive Director

Kayun Jin
Smart City Association (SCA)
Center Manager


Local Government Initiatives in CJK

This session aims to share cases of best practice in key cities across China, Japan, and Korea, to better understand sub-regional trends in smart city development. Through the select set of presentations, cities will take a step closer to discovering tangible opportunities for trilateral cooperation through joint projects. Representative cities from the sub-region will introduce their ongoing and planned smart city initiatives, along with how they envision a sub-regional “smart city forum” could contribute to successful implementation across national borders. Possible areas for joint projects identified through the discussion will set the stage for further dialogue over the months leading up to the CJK Smart City Forum in 2021.

Niandong Gao
People’s Government of Beijing Municipality
Deputy Mayor of Daxing District

Masafumi Yonazu
Tokyo Metropolitan Government
Senior Director, Office for Strategic Policy and ICT Promotion

Jung-hoon Lee
Seoul Metropolitan Government
Chairman, Smart City Committee


Synthesizing CJK Smart City Initiatives with the Private Sector

This panel discussion aims to shed light on the private sector’s activity in smart city
development across China, Japan, and Korea, and identify foreseeable joint projects in
key areas. The discussion will focus on ICT trends pioneered by solution providers in the
sub-region, and seek to identify short- and long-term areas in which cities can co-
develop and co-implement cross-border smart city projects. Representatives from solution providers active in the whole of the sub-region will discuss the trajectory of smart city development in the sub-regional content, ways in which local governments can elevate their smart city development through international PPPs, and visions of a society with transnationally integrated public services through ICT.

Jun Yang
Senior Expert of AliResearch

Yasunori Mochizuki

Sung Jin Park
Samsung SDS
Principal Consultant, Strategic Business Development Group


Closing Remarks

Do-ho Kang
Trilateral Cooperation Secretariat (TCS)
Deputy Secretary-General


Q & A