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Smart Waste Collection and Management Service

Smart Waste Collection and Management Service 570 380 WeGO


Implemented in 2016

Project Duration: Ongoing

Funding Source:
Government funding: 230 mil. KRW (out of 300) |
$245.000USD - Ecube Labs: 70 mil KRW | $58.000USD

For growing cities, waste management presents a huge challenge. In 2017, Goyang City faced similar issues where 1,100 tons of waste were produced per day and approximately 66.7 billion KRW was allocated for waste collection and management services alone. Hence, the Smart Waste Collection and Management Service were introduced to replace the costly system.

The technologies used includes ultrasonic waste capacity sensors attached to pre-installed bins, solar-powered compacting waste bins as well as waste collection vehicle tracker. Through a consortium comprising of several organizations and companies, including LG U+ and Ecube Labs significant contributions were made to the design and installation of the technology. Consequently, not only where the cost considerable reduced, the collection route were also optimized resulting in the reduction of fuel consumption as well.


  • All data collected through the devices are sent to the Clean City Network database, where it is processed to track waste generation, overflow, and efficiency by region, waste bin, and time period
  • Compacting waste-bins are solar-powered – Can hold up to 8 times more waste compared to non-compacting bins, reducing collection frequency by up to 80%
  • Includes additional features such as safety sensors and GPS location tracking


  • 60 successful matchmaking cases
  • 200 Companies interviewed
  • 600 matchmaking meetings
  • 66 smart city projects


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2011-2012 2.3 million
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