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Solutions Meet Cities:
Online Matchmaking Webinar

22 June, 2021 | Online

Solutions Meet Cities:
Online Matchmaking Webinar

Solutions Meet Cities:
Online Matchmaking Webinar
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Last year, WeGO launched the Smart City Driver, WeGO’s flagship program, to help cities plan, finance, and deploy their smart city projects by inviting cities to design solution packages – a combination of multidimensional solutions that incorporate hardware, software, capacity building and governance, depending on the city’s context and available resources – and connect with strategic partners that can assist in realizing the solution packages.

This year, WeGO invites you to the ‘Solutions Meet Cities: Online Matchmaking Webinar’ showcasing selected WeGO member cities’ proposals, including explanation of their urban challenges and desired outcomes, and WeGO corporate members and partners’ solutions in smart city development. Cities and corporations will be put in the spotlight to showcase how live matchmaking can help cities discover solutions for their urban challenges, and aid corporations in finding opportunities for international smart city projects.

Join us to participate in a live dialogue between cities, smart tech solution providers and smart city experts and to learn more about matchmaking facilitated by WeGO.

Event Details

Date: June 22, 2021
Time: TBD
Format: Online


Coming soon.


  • Introduction and Program Overview
  • Welcome Remarks by WeGO Secretary General
  • Testimonial of WeGO Smart City Driver experience

Session 1

City Proposals: Explanation of Urban Challenges and Expected Outcomes

  • Presentation of Proposal 1 by WeGO member city
  • Presentation of Proposal 2 by WeGO member city
  • Presentation of Proposal 3 by WeGO member city

Session 2

Matchmaking: Providing Solutions and Feedback on Proposals
*Corporations lead by smart city development experts will have the chance to provide solutions and feedback
via Miro (live whiteboard tool)
for cities to pinpoint the right match as their solution finder

  • Matchmake Room I w/ City 1
  • Matchmake Room I w/ City 2
  • Matchmake Room I w/ City 3
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