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WeGO Events

This page lists down a wide and rich array of other events that WeGO organizes apart from its annually-held programs.

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Global City Teams Challenge Kickoff Conference, Washington DC, USA (February 6-7, 2018) 

  As part of the launch of the WeGO Thematic Clusters, WeGO will build crucial momentum for the initiative by acting as an official partner of the Global City Teams Challenge (GCTC) and participate by creating inaugural Thematic Clusters under the auspices of the GCTC.  As such, WeGO cordially invites its members to co-create inaugural…

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Beyoğlu Sister Cities Mayors’ and Best Practice Sharing Forum: Opening Ceremony of WeGO Beyoglu Mediterranean Regional Office (October 26-28, 2017)

Continuing on from WeGO’s rich history with Beyoğlu which dates back all the way to 2014 with their application to the WeGO Awards and officially joining WeGO in 2015, Beyoğlu has been approved to become the Mediterranean Regional Office during the 4th WeGO General Assembly Executive Committee Meeting. As such, to commemorate and solidify the…

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WeGO at BIXPO 2017, Gwangju, Korea (November 1-3)

WeGO participated in BIXPO 2017 in Gwangju, Korea from November 1-3, the third annual edition of the conference. Hosted by ​the Korea Electric Power Corporation (KEPCO), in 2016 the event drew over 52,000 visitors from 48 countries, and again it continued to be one of the world’s premier platforms for sharing and exchanging smart and…

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WeGO at the 3rd Asia-Pacific Regional Forum on Smart Cities and e-Government, Bangkok, Thailand (September 21-22, 2017)

For two years, the WeGO Secretariat has been co-organizing the annual Asia-Pacific Regional Forum on Smart Cities and e-Government with the International Telecommunication Union (ITU). The Forum has provided a great opportunity for high-level dialogue among development partners, policy makers, decision makers, and leaders in the smart city movement, and was held in Bangkok in…

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Asia Pacific Cities Summit & Mayors Forum, Daejeon, Korea (September 10-13)

Asia Pacific Cities Summit & Mayors Forum (APCS), an event initiated by the Brisbane City Council, was held first in 1996 and continued biennially since 1999, alternating between the City of Brisbane and a bidding host. Now in its 11th summit, APCS provided a dynamic and interactive platform for participants to exchange knowledge, identify a common…

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ITU Telecom World, Busan, Korea (September 25-27)

WeGO played a supporting role in its partner organization, the International Telecommunication Union’s “Smart ABC Programme” at ITU Telecom World 2017 in Busan, Korea from September 25-28, 2017. The event was a key gathering of leaders from governments, corporations, and SMEs to meet and discussing innovative uses of technology in AI, Banking, and Smart Cities.…

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Smart City Innovation Summit Asia, Goyang City, Korea (September 6-8)

WeGO is pleased to invite its members to the Smart Cities Innovation Summit Asia, to be held on September 6-8, 2017 in Goyang City, Korea. This is the biggest smart city event in Asia where city leaders, entrepreneurs, businesses, and corporations meet to showcase leading services regarding smart city initiatives. As a proud partner of this event,…

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We are excited to announce some updates for the ongoing Global City Teams Challenge (GCTC), a platform for local government representatives and technology solution providers to develop solutions designed to address vexing municipal problems with smart city applications. Particularly, as a partner organization, we would like to invite our members to participate in the largest…

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WeGO at the Smart City Expo World Congress 2016 (November 15-17, 2016)

The WeGO Pavilion located at a central location of the Smart City Expo World Congress Exhibition Area   The World e-Governments Organization of Cities and Local Governments (WeGO), hosted a pavilion at the Smart City Expo World Congress in Barcelona, Spain from November 15 to 17, 2016. The event is a professional, institutional, and social…

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WeGO’s Networking Event at the Habitat III Conference in Quito, Ecuador (October 17-20, 2016)

The Panel of Speakers and Discussants of the Networking Event on Smart City Strategies and Data Revolution for Sustainable Development The World e-Governments Organization of Cities and Local Governments (WeGO) and the Korea Research Institute for Human Settlements (KRIHS) successfully organized a networking event on how smart city strategies and data can make cities not only more…

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