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WeGO-UNPOG Joint e-Government Track at the 10th Jeju Forum (May 20-22, 2015)

WeGO-UNPOG Joint e-Government Track at the 10th Jeju Forum (May 20-22, 2015)

WeGO-UNPOG Joint e-Government Track at the 10th Jeju Forum (May 20-22, 2015) 327 326 WeGO

WeGO successfully co-hosted the Joint e-Government Track with the United Nations Project Office on Governance (UNPOG) from May 21 to 22 during the 10th Jeju Forum for Peace and Prosperity, one of the most prestigious conferences in Asia. The e-Government Track was composed of four informative sessions – “e-Government for Sustainable Development,” “Engaging Citizens in Public Service Delivery: Bottom-Up Approach of Local e-Government Initiatives,” “Bridging Central and Local Governments with Whole-of-Government Approach,” and the “Executive City Dialogue on Building Trust in Local Governments through e-Government” – to discuss on the role of e-Government and its impact to create trust, sustainable development, and harmony in society at both national and local levels.

The e-Government Track was the first-ever, special program of the Jeju Forum that particularly focused on e-Government and was popular among local government officials and research experts in governance, with over 100 guests attending from more than 20 cities and 8 partner organizations worldwide. A host of distinguished city representatives as well as prominent ICT and urban development experts shared their expertise as speakers of the Joint e-Government Track, including Mr. Yoo, Young Rok (Mayor of Gimpo, Republic of Korea), Mr. Mochamad Ridwan Kamil (Mayor of Bandung, Indonesia), Mr. Ammar Hamid Suliman (Mayor of East Nile Locality, Sudan), Ms. Anastasiya Rakova (Deputy Mayor of Moscow, Russia), Mr. Young Hoon Choi (Assistant Mayor for IT of Seoul Metropolitan Government, Republic of Korea), Mr. Haji Rozali Mohamud (Vice Mayor of Seberang Perai, Malaysia), Mr. Bat-Ulzii Batchuluun (Head of Information Technology Agency of Ulaanbaatar City, Mongolia), Mr. Jong Sung Hwang (Head of The Center for Gov 3.0, National Information Society Agency), Mr. Jun Seok Hwang (Professor of Seoul National University), Ms. Claudia Buentjen (Principal Public Management Specialist of Asian Development Bank), and Ms. Bernadia Tjandradewi (Secretary General of UCLG ASPAC).

The highlight of the e-Government Track was the Executive City Dialogue which was a dedicated session for high-level city leaders to exchange their valuable views on how governments can build trust through good governance based on ICT. During the Executive City Dialogue, security and disaster management measures managed by “Smartopia Gimpo” in Gimpo, Korea; the Data Center operated by East Nile Locality, Sudan; and Crowdsourcing Projects from Moscow, Russia were introduced as evident examples of best e-Government practices that are building citizens’ credibility and transparency in public administration in the respective regions.

In addition to the e-Government Track, WeGO held the Pre-Executive Committee (EXCOM) Meeting on May 21 with EXCOM members attending the Jeju Forum which were Chengdu (China), Gimpo (Republic of Korea), Hebron (Palestine), Khartoum State (Sudan), Nairobi (Kenya), Seoul (Republic of Korea), Ulaanbaatar (Mongolia) and Ulyanovsk (Russia). The Pre-EXCOM Meeting was chaired by WeGO Secretary General Gunso Kim to briefly introduce and highlight the preliminary agenda of the Annual EXCOM Meeting which will take place from September 16-18 in Ulyanovsk, Russia. To explore a wider spectrum of collaboration opportunities, delegation members from Bandung (Indonesia) and Seberang Perai (Malaysia) as well as WeGO partners/advisors from Asian Development Bank, Chukong Technologies, International Telecommunications Union, Pulse Lab Jakarta (UN Global Pulse) and Seoul National University’s International IT Policy Program participated in the Pre-EXCOM Meeting as observers, and invigorated the discussions with valuable advice to help strengthen WeGO’s operations.

May 21 (Thursday)
e-Government for Sustainable Development (Led by UNPOG)
e-Government Towards Sustainable Development – Mr. Wisit Atipayakoon
How Great e-Government Inspires Action for Sustainable Growth – Mr. Soung Hie Kim
Engaging Citizens in Public Service Delivery: Bottom-Up Approach of Local e-Government Initiatives (Led by WeGO)
Engaging Citizens in Public Service Delivery – Mr. Frederick Lim
Driving a Big Data Revolution for a Better Citizen Engagement – Mr. Jong Gun Lee
Building Collaboration for Smarter City Bandung – Mr. Ridwan Kamil
Enhancing Public Engagement Through Smart Monitoring System – Sr. Haji Rozali Bin Haji Mohamud

May 22 (Friday)
Bridging Central and Local Governments with Whole-of-Government Approach (Led by UNPOG)
Korea’s Local Informatization – Mr. Youngsoo Kim
[Executive City Dialogue] Building Trust in Local Governments through e-Government (Led by WeGO)
Building the Government 3.0 Beyond e-Government – Mr. Jong-Sung Hwang
Smartopia Gimpo – Mr. Young Rok Yoo
East Nile Locality e-Government Projects- Mr. Ammar Suliman
e-Government: Trust Through Convenience- Ms. Anastasiya Rakova

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WeGO-UNPOG e-Gov Track
Photo from the Event

List of Participant Cities and Organizations of the WeGO-UNPOG e-Government Track