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Study Visit to Seoul (Beyoğlu-Istanbul)

Study Visit to Seoul (Beyoğlu-Istanbul)

Study Visit to Seoul (Beyoğlu-Istanbul) 5616 3744 WeGO

WeGO is proud to announce, in collaboration with the recently formed Seoul Appia Consortium (SAPCON), a Consortium consisting of WeGO, President City Seoul and its partner organizations/corporations in bringing Smart City solutions world-wide, the conclusion of a study visit from our WeGO Beyoğlu Mediterranean Regional Office to Seoul. Beyoğlu has expressed interest in Seoul’s Smart City solutions during the Beyoğlu Sister Cities Mayors’ and Best Practice Sharing Forum: Opening Ceremony of WeGO Beyoglu Mediterranean Regional Office, and thus WeGO and its partners organized a in-depth program to showcase some of Seoul’s Smart City solutions that Beyoğlu may be interested in implementing to advance the lives of its citizens.

Study Visit Program

The program consisted of a 3-day rich and in-depth seminars and demonstrations on some of Seoul Metropolitan Government’s Smart City Solutions, such as mVoting, Eungdapso, Public WiFi, Digital Civic Mayors’ Office, TOPIS (Transport Operation and Information Service) as well as some emerging Smart City technologies that were presented by start-ups that were incubated through Seoul’s world-class start-up incubation program (Seoul App Business Center: Barm & Piquant).

Technical and cultural tours included a comprehensive visit to the S-Plex Center, which houses some of Seoul Metropolitan Government’s world-class Smart City infrastructure (Big Data Campus, Seoul Cyber Security Center, Media Contents Center, e-Sports Stadium, Seoul Cloud Center etc.), Children’s Grand Park (Living Lab/IoT), and to the historic Gyeongbok Palace.

As a show of WeGO, SAPCON and Seoul Metropolitan Government’s resolve in providing Beyoğlu with the opportunity to learn and possibly implement Seoul’s Smart City solutions, Beyoğlu and the Seoul Metropolitan Government signed an MoU which ensures the continual collaboration to bring Smart Sustainable Cities for All in Beyoğlu!

Contact Us
As one of WeGO’s missions is to share knowledge and to bring Smart Sustainable Cities for All, cities interested in having an in-depth and comprehensive study visit to Seoul with the hopes of implementing some of these world-class solutions back to their city can contact Mr. Andrew Lim at for further information.