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Smart Street Lighting Management System

Smart Street Lighting Management System 570 380 WeGO


Implemented in 2015

Project Duration: Ongoing

Funding Source: Public Private Partnership

The Los Angeles Bureau of Street Lighting collaborated with Philips Lighting and Ericsson on a program that utilizes CityTouch** street lighting management and connected sensors. More than 140,000 of its 215,000 street lights were converted to LED with sensors and small cell technology attached. The LA Bureau of Street Lighting can remotely control lighting fixtures, monitor environmental noise, as well as monitor energy use and the status of each light.

The smart poles have reduced the city’s energy usage for street lighting by over 70% plus additional savings on maintenance. High-quality lighting is also expected to improve safety in neighborhoods and reduce traffic accidents on city streets. **CityTouch is a secure, connected lighting management platform that is provided by Philips Lighting.


  • Smart poles are equipped with sensors, solar panels, cameras, and 4G LTE wireless communication monitoring nodes.
  • Smart poles provide the Bureau of Street Lighting (1) a clear picture of the entire city’s lighting system at its fingertips, with map-based visualization, charts, and diagrams, (2) noise data at the street level and (3) better cell phone connectivity, which could generate revenue for the city by renting the poles to cell carriers.


  • The smart poles have reduced the city’s energy usage for street lighting by over 70%, saving at least US$10 million annually in operational and maintenance costs and reducing carbon emissions by almost 50,000 metric tons.
  • Wireless connectivity will enable the city to expand its broadband network without erecting more cell towers. According to Ericsson, cellular data traffic is expected to grow nine times by 2020.
  • The combination of LED technology and management software will enable the Bureau to better manage its assets, while Los Angeles benefits from the increased uptime, with safer, well-lit streets.


YEAR Number of Appointments per year
2011-2012 2.3 million
2013 33.5 million
2014 56.9 million
2015 63 million
2016 63.4 million
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