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Smart Social Insurance: People’s Livelihood Service Platform

Smart Social Insurance: People’s Livelihood Service Platform

Smart Social Insurance: People’s Livelihood Service Platform 570 380 WeGO


Implemented in 2013

Project Duration: Ongoing

Funding Source: Government

In Qingdao, employment and financial stability are considered at the core of citizen’s well-being. As part of the Smart Qingdao framework, a comprehensive and multi-faceted smart city program, the city launched The Smart Employment Platform as well as a new insurance program. The former aims at reducing unemployment and misallocation of human resources through an extensive database on companies’ employee information, which is then used to allocate appropriate candidates to companies.

The insurance program targets the shortcomings of the traditional social insurance service model. A social insurance card was introduced while medical insurance and treatment became standardized in order to get rid of long queues, cash payments, complicated processes and high administrative costs. Moreover, as an extension to this program a ‘mobile medical community nursing’ mobile app was likewise launched, which allows citizens to request door-to-door services and medicine delivery.


  • Big Data is used to track employment trends and identify future areas of demand
  • People’s livelihood e-station offers municipal services through an all-in-one self-service kiosk


Mobile medical community nursing

  • 2000 nursing personnel from 600 different community hospitals have carried out more than 1.255 million visits
  • 300+ self-service machine has been distributed throughout Qingdao
  • Self-service machines used by 70,000+ companies and 3 million individuals

Smart Employment Platform

  • 100,000 people received skill training
  • 400,000 working posts provided
  • 700,000+ employment opportunities



YEAR Number of Appointments per year
2011-2012 2.3 million
2013 33.5 million
2014 56.9 million
2015 63 million
2016 63.4 million

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