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Moscow e-Government Portal

Moscow e-Government Portal 570 380 WeGO


Implemented in 2010

Project Duration: Ongoing

Funding Source: Government

With traditional in-person transactions and cash payments, Moscow was challenged with long queues for citizens, overworked city employees, and severe delays and inefficiencies in the process. Therefore, the city government developed a one-stop citizen portal to deliver comprehensive e-services and open more communication channels between citizens and government.

The Office of the Mayor and Government initiated the project as part of the wider “Information City” and “Open Government” programs, and with thorough research of other countries and their best practices of e-Government initiatives, the city of Moscow was able to lay the foundation to the e-Government Portal. The success of the project is evident from the reports of satisfied citizens in regards to government services but also seen in how more than half the city population are registered users on the portal


  • NONE


  • the portal offers 160+ services with hundreds of possibilities for making payments and scheduling appointments
  • the portal receives 500,000 applications daily
  • the portal has registered 5.8 million personal accounts (62% of the city’s population receives electronic services)
  • 14,300 legal entity accountrs
  • According to surveys, 90% of Muscovites are satisfied with the quality of government services
  • In 2018, Moscow was ranked number 1 in United Nation’s e-Government Survey



YEAR Number of Appointments per year
2011-2012 2.3 million
2013 33.5 million
2014 56.9 million
2015 63 million
2016 63.4 million

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