Jakarta Smart City Portal

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Implemented in 2015

Project Duration: Ongoing (expected completion: June 2021)

Funding Source: Government, Budjet: 63 Billion IDR (4,458,228.99 USD)

Jakarta Smart City (JSC) portal is the website to provide the data and information for the public. This portal is one of the government’s efforts to meet the governance transparency goal by concentrating and integrating all data in one place. The project was put in place by the Department of Communication, Informatics, and Public Relation which takes charge of design and implementation. Integration of data among departments is a key feature of the project.


  • API service allows various departments to integrate between apps and systems automatically or semi-automatically. Furthermore, in the interest of co-creating solutions, third parties such as companies, startups, and even hobbyists are able to collaborate if they wish. IoT even allows integration on a hardware level.
  • Local communities and citizens can file a report through the Qlue application, a smart city participation system application put in place in Jakarta in 2014.


  • User experience is of great value to the creators of the portal, and so alerts were installed in the software to track and learn from how citizens interact with it. So far, this emphasis on being user-friendly has led to over 1 million views in a year, with nearly 70% of its usage occurring on mobile devices, which is extremely prevalent in Jakarta. Datasets that are often used are overlaid on a map for easy interpretation. One example of a service on the portal which receives heavy usage is the set of online public CCTV (closed-circuit television) feeds, which experiences high traffic in times of large scale events in Jakarta. The new portal system has also integrated all public complaint handling and has reduced the process time to only 9 hours on average with a completion rate of 88%. The portal system hopes to improve and enhance user experience by updating information more regularly, developing a more efficient filtering system, and updating its interface for easier mobile navigation.
  • JSC provides new tool for the citizens to participate in the making of new Jakarta through applications and websites that can be accessed even via smartphone. It helps to improve the quality of governance data by providing a format guidelines to stakeholders who wish to integrate their data into JSC portal and perform the cleansing when the incoming data is not in accordance with the format.
  • JSC encourages further interaction between the government with the citizens. So, the government gives an opportunity for anyone who want to participate in formulating the best solutions for Jakarta’s problems.


Jakarta Smart City Website – https://smartcity.jakarta.go.id/


YEAR Number of Appointments per year
2011-2012 2.3 million
2013 33.5 million
2014 56.9 million
2015 63 million
2016 63.4 million
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