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 Company Name DamoGO
 Head of Company Mr. Lin Hwang
 Location Seoul, Korea
 Official Website
 Company Established 2018
 Number of Employees 6
 Smart City Areas

  • Food Waste Management

  • Circular Economy

 Company Profile Our mission is to create a national movement to reduce wasted food at the restaurant and retail
levels while making delicious food available for everyone. We aim to create awareness about
the food waste issue and to change the way people think about food “waste”.
DamoGO exists to help restaurants and other food retailers reduce wasted food, food waste costs, increase revenue, increase exposure to new customers, and to be a bridge/facilitator in helping the businesses do their part to make a cleaner and greener planet.
 City/Country Portfolio

  • Korea

  • Indonesia

History with WeGO

  • First Prize WeGO Secretary General's Award at the Urban Innovation Challenge: Citypreneurs Seoul 2019

  • Speakership at "Special Session: Embracing Emerging Technologies for Social Benefit" at WeGO EXCOM 2019

  • Exhibitor at WeGO EXCOM 2019