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Geomexsoft., Ltd

 Company Name  Geomexsoft., Ltd
 Head of Company Mr. Jaeyong YOO, CEO
 Address  GIMC 305~306, 882, Baksa-ro, Seo-myeon Chuncheon-si, Gangwon Province / 24461, South Korea
 Official Website
 Company Established 2009
 Number of Employees 57
 Smart City Areas

  • CCTV based integrated control monitoring

  • Smart city integrated platform

 Company Profile

Geomexsoft., Ltd. is a company specializing in GIS SW manufacturing and in developing the spatial information systems such as Land Information, Spatial Data Management, and Land Property Management. Geomexsoft is providing reliable and cost-effective services to the clients demanding the best available scientific and engineering solutions in the field of land management and administration. All the solutions of Geomexsoft are grounded on the real-time Geographic Information System (GIS) technology and GIS Engine package included C/S GIS, Mobile GIS and Web GIS for which Geomexsoft has self-developed on the basis of its own original technology devised by itself.

Geomexsoft has extensive experience in performing various government projects in Korea and has completed the Preparation of Master Plan for Chile and Consulting Service for Bangladesh in relation to Land Information System. Moreover, a lot of domestic projects have been conducted for the Ministry of National Land, Ministry of Security and Public Administration and several provincial governments as well as its local government areas.

 City/Country Portfolio

  • Tunisia

  • Bangladesh

  • Ethiopia

  • Tanzania

  • Sri Lanka

  • Bhutan

  • Rwanda

 History with WeGO SMG Smart City Export Consultative Group