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Data Alliance Co. Ltd.

 Company Name Data Alliance Co. Ltd.
 Head of Company Mr. Kwang Bum Lee, CEO
 Address Seoul, South Korea
 Official Website
 Company Established 2016
 Number of Employees 24
 Smart City Areas

  • LoRaWAN Server (S/W) to build private IoT networks for cities

  • Next Generation LoRa Gateway (H/W) for GPS-free geolocation services

  • Total smart city solutions, including Smart Air Quality Monitoring, Smart Waste Management (smart trashcans), Smart Streetlights, Smart Metering for electricity/water/gas, Industrial freezer temperature/humidity monitoring, etc.

 Company Profile Data Alliance is a blockchain-based, shared IoT platform provider. Its main business areas are as follows:
(1) LoRaWAN Network Server (S/W)
Data Alliance provides a LoRaWAN Network Server (S/W) for cities to build its own LPWAN (Low Power Wide Area Network) private IoT networks. Cities can provide LoRa-based IoT services for citizens using their private IoT networks.
Data Alliance provides a next-generation LoWaRAN gateway (H/W) for cities to build GPS-free geolocation services for its citizens. This technology enables cities to provide services for elderly people or children using GPS-free devices to find the location of elderly people or children.
Data Alliance provides smart city total solutions such as:

    • Smart air quality monitoring (Indoor/outdoor/industrial air quality (PM 2.5, PM10), temperature/humidity, and TVOC (Total Volatile Organic Compounds), monitoring)

    • Smart waste management (smart trashcans)

    • Smart streetlights

    • Smart metering for electricity/water/gas

    • Industrial freezer temperature/humidity monitoring

Data Alliance provides PoCs for smart city solutions as well as smart city consulting services

(2) OCF Standard-based Cloud Server (S/W)
OCF stands for the Open Connectivity Foundation. The Open Connectivity Foundation (OCF) is dedicated to ensuring secure interoperability for consumers, businesses, and industries by delivering a standard communications platform, a bridging specification, an open-source implementation and a certification program allowing devices to communicate regardless of form factor, operating system, service provider, transport technology or ecosystem.
The OCF 1.- specification has been ratified as an International Standard by ISO/IC JTC 1 (Join Technical Committee for ICT standardization of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC)).
Data Alliance provides an OCF standard-based cloud server (S/W) and related systems for building smart homes.

(3) Blockchain-based IoT Platform
Data Alliance is currently building an integrated IoT platform based on blockchain technologies and plans to provide it as a product to cities in the near future.
Using this integrated IoT platform, cities can integrate LoRaWAN-based smart city IoT networks and OCF-based smart home networks as one network. It will enable cities to provide integrated IoT services to its citizens by combining smart city services and smart home service
 City/Country Portfolio

  • Seoul, Busan, Kimhae, Uljoo, Yangsan (Korea)

  • Bangkok (Thailand)

Additional Information Introduction to Data Alliance (PDF)