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UVD Robotics

P-Guard Robot

P-Guard Robot 570 380 WeGO

P-Guard RobotTunisia The Tunisian Ministry of Interior deployed the locally-made P-Guard (Pearl-Guard) robots to implement nationwide lockdown procedures in Tunis amid the coronavirus outbreak. The robot is controlled by security…

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“Ninja Robots”

“Ninja Robots” 662 441 WeGO

'Ninja Robots'Bangkok Hospitals in Thailand are using “Ninja Robots” (named for their black exterior) to ease the burden on medical staff and reduce the spread of COVID-19 by allowing doctors…

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Self-Driving Disinfection Robots

Self-Driving Disinfection Robots 570 380 WeGO

Self-Driving Disinfection RobotsDenmark Blue Ocean Robotics created a self-driving disinfection robot that sterilizes and kills viruses and bacteria. These ultraviolet disinfection (UVD) robots move autonomously around patients’ rooms and operating…

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Robots in Hospitals

Robots in Hospitals 1400 950 WeGO

Robots in HospitalsWuhan CloudMinds, a Beijing-based robotics company, is using its robots to help patients and to prevent secondary COVID-19 infection in Wuhan’s hospitals. The robots are used to deliver…

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LG CLOi CleanBot and GuideBot

LG CLOi CleanBot and GuideBot 570 380 WeGO

LG CLOi CleanBot and GuideBotSeoul Seoul National University Hospital (SNUH) is collaborating with LG Electronics to develop and use robots with the aim of preventing secondary COVID-19 infection at hospitals.…

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