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Monitoring System 

P-Guard Robot

P-Guard Robot 570 380 WeGO

P-Guard RobotTunisia The Tunisian Ministry of Interior deployed the locally-made P-Guard (Pearl-Guard) robots to implement nationwide lockdown procedures in Tunis amid the coronavirus outbreak. The robot is controlled by security…

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Romware COVID Radius Digital Bracelet

Romware COVID Radius Digital Bracelet 570 380 WeGO

Romware COVID Radius Digital BraceletBelgium Port of Antwerp is collaborating with technology company Rombit to introduce the Romware COVID Radius, a watch-like device aimed at ensuring social distancing. The device…

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Integrated Disease Surveillance Program

Integrated Disease Surveillance Program 1200 630 WeGO

Integrated Disease Surveillance ProgramIndia IDSP which has previously been used to track H1N1 influenza and measles is now used to monitor people across the country for COVID-19. In areas where…

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Delivery of Medical Kits to Support Home Confinement

Delivery of Medical Kits to Support Home Confinement 802 462 WeGO

Delivery of Medical Kits to Support Home ConfinementMexico City Mexico City implemented another system to link detected cases through the health screening system (mainly through SMS), share that information with…

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Ahmedabad Digital Patrolling

Ahmedabad Digital Patrolling 700 466 WeGO

Ahmedabad Digital PatrollingAhmedabad In the midst of a lockdown, the Command and Control Center in Ahmedabad is using its already installed city-wide CCTV network as a monitoring tool to ensure…

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Crowd Temperature Scanning System

Crowd Temperature Scanning System 570 380 WeGO

Crowd Temperature Scanning SystemMexico City VSBLTY, a retail software and technology company, and RadarApp, a Smart City solutions provider, have launched a Crowd Temperature Scanning System aimed at identifying potential…

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AI Face Recognition Technology at Hospital Entrances

AI Face Recognition Technology at Hospital Entrances 720 720 WeGO

AI Face Recognition Technology at Hospital EntrancesRepublic of Korea Hallym Hospital adopted artificial intelligence-based facial recognition technology in controlling access to the hospital’s ward. Through the new system, patients and…

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Pandemic Drone

Pandemic Drone 904 319 WeGO

Pandemic DroneAustralia, Canada A pandemic drone that can supposedly scan crowds of people to monitor temperature, heart rates, coughing, and even blood pressure is being developed by the Canadian company…

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Thermal-Sensing Drones

Thermal-Sensing Drones 955 347 WeGO

Thermal-Sensing DronesLombardy Police in Lombardy are using drones with thermal sensors to check people’s temperatures during the country’s lockdown, aiming to prevent the spread of the COVID-19. FEATURES Developed by…

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Digital Aerial Surveillance Using Drones

Digital Aerial Surveillance Using Drones 848 480 WeGO

Digital Aerial Surveillance Using DronesNur-Sultan Two drone companies, KazUAV and Terra Drone Corporation, have collaborated to develop drones aimed to help Nur-Sultan police patrol and monitor illegal border movement and…

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