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Medical Examination

“Ninja Robots”

“Ninja Robots” 662 441 WeGO

'Ninja Robots'Bangkok Hospitals in Thailand are using “Ninja Robots” (named for their black exterior) to ease the burden on medical staff and reduce the spread of COVID-19 by allowing doctors…

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Multipurpose Sample Collecting Booth

Multipurpose Sample Collecting Booth 570 380 WeGO

Multipurpose Sample Collecting BoothBusan Busan Nam-gu Public Health Center and Korea Kiyon, a sealed box (glove box) manufacturer, have developed and tested a multipurpose negative/positive-room-pressure sample collecting booth. In the…

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COVID-19 Testing Kits

COVID-19 Testing Kits 992 561 WeGO

COVID-19 Testing KitsRepublic of Korea Five Korean companies have manufactured testing kits from a World Health Organization formulation, and as a result, the country quickly developed a system that could…

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‘SAFETY’ Walking-Thru System

‘SAFETY’ Walking-Thru System 600 400 WeGO

‘SAFETY’ Walking-Thru SystemSeoul ‘SAFETY’ also called “walking-thru system” is a screening system adopted to address the rising demand for COVID-19 testing. Under this system, the patient goes into a single-person…

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