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Coughvid Diagnostic Test

Coughvid Diagnostic Test 1280 720 WeGO

Coughvid Diagnostic TestSwitzerland École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne is developing an diagnostic test app called “Coughvid” that would listen to people cough and use AI to determine whether they sound…

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“COVIDSafe” Contact Tracing App

“COVIDSafe” Contact Tracing App 570 380 WeGO

COVIDSafe Contact Tracing AppAustralia Australia has launched COVIDSafe, a contact tracing app based on source from Singapore’s TraceTogether software, aimed to efficiently trace potential COVID-19 carriers in the case of…

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“BeAware” Electronic Wristbands

“BeAware” Electronic Wristbands 570 380 WeGO

“BeAware” Electronic WristbandsBahrain Electronic bracelets embedded with BeAware* app – a COVID-19 contact tracing application developed by the Information & eGovernment Authority (iGA), in collaboration with the National Taskforce for…

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Aaroya Setu Wristbands

Aaroya Setu Wristbands 570 380 WeGO

Aarogya Setu WristbandsIndia India has introduced a smart wristband which will be embedded with its Arogya Setu app – a COVID-19 tracking mobile application developed by National Informatics Centre of…

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A Self-Assessment Tool in 11 Languages

A Self-Assessment Tool in 11 Languages 532 355 WeGO

A Self-Assessment Tool in 11 LanguagesQatar The Qatar Computing Research Institute (QCRI) has developed a self-assessment tool in 11 languages to help users know more about their health status and…

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MyGov Corona Helpdesk

MyGov Corona Helpdesk 716 477 WeGO

MyGov Corona HelpdeskIndia With false information regarding COVID-10 flourishing the internet that can potentially cause unnecessary panic, the government of India launched a Corona helpdesk that is activated via WhatsApp.…

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‘TraceTogether’ Contact Tracing App

‘TraceTogether’ Contact Tracing App 780 520 WeGO

'TraceTogether' Contact Tracing AppSingapore TraceTogether is a mobile application aimed to identify people who have been in close proximity – within 2m for at least 30 minutes – to coronavirus…

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‘Electronic Fence’ System

‘Electronic Fence’ System 882 587 WeGO

'Electronic Fence' SystemTaiwan Taiwan has introduced a novel “Electronic Fence” system that tracks the location of those requested to abide by the compulsory quarantine measures. In the event that compulsory…

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Safe Quarantine Safety Protection

Safe Quarantine Safety Protection 1032 688 WeGO

Safe Quarantine Safety ProtectionRepublic of Korea The “self-quarantine safety protection” app allows those in mandatory quarantines to stay in contact with case workers and report on their progress. The app…

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‘Stay Home’ App

‘Stay Home’ App 750 563 WeGO

'Stay Home' AppUnited Arab Emirates Abu Dhabi has launched a new application “Stay Home” to ensure that people asked to self-quarantine adhere to mandatory quarantine requirements. The app will periodically…

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