T 150 150 WeGO

P-Guard Robot

P-Guard Robot 570 380 WeGO

P-Guard RobotTunisia The Tunisian Ministry of Interior deployed the locally-made P-Guard (Pearl-Guard) robots to implement nationwide lockdown procedures in Tunis amid the coronavirus outbreak. The robot is controlled by security…

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COVID-19 “Detect and Prevent” Challenge

COVID-19 “Detect and Prevent” Challenge 430 459 WeGO

COVID-19 'Detect and Prevent' ChallengeUNDP, Hackster Hackster, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), and other partners are launching a technology-transfer event to support developing nations during the COVID19 pandemic. COVID-19…

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Cities for Global Health Platform

Cities for Global Health Platform 1678 335 WeGO

Cities for Global Health PlatformMetropolis International Cities for Global Health is a collaborative online platform that offers access to knowledge, strategies and actionable plans implemented by local and regional governments…

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