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1st WeGO Awards

Barcelona | 2012

1st WeGO Awards

1st WeGO Awards 570 380 WeGO

The 1st WeGO Awards were held at the 2nd WeGO General Assembly in Barcelona in 2012. Local governments competed with their projects in the following categories: Services, Efficiency, Open City, Urban Management, Digital Divide. Out of 47 applications in total, 10 were selected as winners.



Quality of administrative services, urban competitiveness, effectiveness of public services, high quality services to citizens


Knowledge management, Administrative efficiency through computerization, sharing of public information, promotion of comprehensive & real-time management of information and resources

Open City

Promotion of civil participation in public by opening public information, improving the level of urban openness, administrative transparency, and open data

Urban Management

Technology in Urban Management systems for safety & security, mobility, convenience, environment, disaster, transport, energy, welfare and culture

Digital Divide

Equal and inclusive access for citizens to information & communication services

David Eaves
Negotiation and Strategy Consultant
Eaves Consulting/ (Canada)

Jane E. Fountain
National Center for Digital Government (USA)

Mila Gasco-Hernendez
Associate Research Director
Center for Technology in Government – SUNY Albany (Spain)

Yahia Abdalla Mohamed Hamad
Communications and Information Technology (Sudan)

Jong Sung Hwang
Vice President
National Information Society Agency (NIA) (Korea)

Pan Suk Kim
Asian Association for Public Administration (AAPA) (Korea)

Sylviane Toporkoff
Founder & Partner
Items International (France)

Category of Services


Online service providing a more efficient and convenient alternative to automated telephone lines for building inspections


Project for the upgrade of the 1999 Citizen Hotline (incl. information system update, service provision flowcharts simplification and consolidation, service-site facilities upgrade)

Category of Efficiency


System to efficiently manage the city's tax management and properly collect accurate information on land use


Communication application to centralize all delivery of services and improve the relationship between citizens and the municipality

Category of Open City


Information system based on the latest ICT technologies, which supports case management and decision-making of the city

Abu Dhabi

Program providing a framework of policies, standards, data, procedures, and technology, used for effective coordination and sharing of location-based information between local stakeholders

Category of Urban Management


Integrated program for the transformation into a smart city, structured into 6 main axes: Environment, Mobility, Energy, People, Economy, and Safety


Software collecting urban information system and sharing to all infrastructure institutions

Category of Digital Divide

Buenos Aires

Project designed to install Wifi hotspots in selected parks, plazas, and central meeting places across the city to bridge the digital divide of those that cannot afford it


Initiative to bridge the digital divide by having “Internet Tutors” teach computer use and internet access to vulnerable social groups in rural areas



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