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WeGO Thematic Clusters

WeGO Thematic Clusters

Pursuant to WeGO’s mission to bring smart sustainable solutions to all, the organization is announcing the official commencement of its Thematic Clusters initiative. The Thematic Clusters are aimed at helping cities to exchange information and build tangible multi-stakeholder partnerships in a specific thematic area. Each cluster, centered around its theme, can bring together cities, private sector entities, nonprofit organizations, and academia to discuss specific projects, whether ongoing or completed. Best practice cases from cities with similar projects may be explained for guidance, as well as introductions made to companies with relevant and beneficial solutions.

The activity and communication of each cluster will be facilitated by a leader who is an expert on that particular theme and activity will take place throughout the year on the private Google Group for that theme.

WeGO Activities in 2018

Additionally, Thematic Cluster participants will be able to meet for an in-person discussion in Korea, during the Seoul-WeGO Global Digital Summit on September 18-19 and/or WeGO Executive Committee Meeting in Quezon, Philippines on October 17-19. The former event, a is marquee global smart cities event, done in collaboration between WeGO and the Seoul Metropolitan Government, will bring leaders from around the world to one place to partake in high level meetings with their peers and industry leaders as well as to partake in panel discussions focused on smart sustainable city opportunities and challenges. The latter one is an annual meeting of WeGO, where the organization’s key agenda will be discussed and will be co-located with the ‘Philippine Smart City Summit 2018’. 

Participated Cities (GCTC 2017)


Number of Cities Participated (2017)


Number of Action Clusters

GCTC Activities in 2018

In order to build momentum for the Thematic Clusters, WeGO’s Thematic is facilitating members’ participation in the Global City Teams Challenge (GCTC) 2018. GCTC is an initiative of National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), co-hosted this year with Department of Homeland Security Science and Technology Directorate (DHS S&T). The next event within GCTC is the Tech Jam, hosted by the City of Portland, Oregon (USA) from June 20-22, while the concluding GCTC Expo will take place in winter 2018. Those interested are encouraged to participate as part of the so-called ‘action clusters’, project-based collaboration teams. Please visit the Global Tech Jam website for more information about this event and to register, or check out our webpage

Current Thematic Clusters

Some clusters are tentatively forming and will be ready for launch shortly.

Living Labs for Open Innovation

Smart Governance

Digital Government Platform

Smart Mobility

Smart Utility & Waste Management

Additional theme suggestions are welcome

How to Join & Questions

City members are encouraged to submit their application here, including a description of their project, and companies interested in lending their expert guidance on chosen topics may register and describe their solutions here. For questions regarding either the WeGO Thematic Clusters or GCTC Action Clusters, please contact Anthony Levero at or Ms. Alexandra Sidorova at