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WeGO Smart Health Responder Webinar Series

Series of webinars presenting regional cases of best practices by local governments, corporations, and institutions around the world, addressing key questions to support international cooperation and promote successful policies in response to COVID-19.

WeGO Smart Health Responder Webinar Series

WeGO Smart Health Responder Webinar Series 206 206 WeGO



Smart Technologies for the next normal:
Exploring the context of Solutions in Europe, the Middle East and Africa

How are inoculation policies being deployed with the help of smart technology? What smart solutions are being implemented to ensure safe movement and what is the future of traveling? What digital services are on the rise due to the pandemic?

This webinar discussed the current challenges in the EMEA region caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, along with solutions related to clean air and water, which can be useful in fighting the pandemic.


Opening Remarks
07:00 – 07:10 GMT
  • Kyong-yul Lee, Secretary General, WeGO
  • Hon. Abdullahi Adamu Candido, Executive Chairman, Abuja Municipal Area Council
Session 1
07:10 – 07:40 GMT
COVID-19 Response Across EMA
  • ‘Delivering Sustainable Health and Care Services in a Post COVID World’Prof. George Crooks, Chief Executive, Scotland Digital Health & Care Innovation Centre
  • ‘Ramallah Measures Over COVID-19’Nadine Burbar, Deputy Chief Resilience Officer, Ramallah City
  • ‘The Future of Smart Tourism. Reopening of City Centers with Digital Technology’Marc-Pascal Lehrich, Head of Smart City Integration, Engineering ITS
  • ‘Harnessing Health Technologies to Bridge the Gap in Africa’s Healthcase Ecosystem in the Era COVID-19’Dr. Funmi Adewara, Founder & CEO, Mobihealth International
Session 2

07:40 – 07:55 GMT

Solutions for a COVID-19-Free Environment
  • ‘How to Mitigate the Spread of COVID-19 and Mortality with Air Quality Management’Robert Heinecke, CEO, Breeze Technologies
  • ‘WATA Technology for Disinfection and Water Treatment’Jérôme Voillat, CEO, Watalux SA
Panel Discussion

07:55 – 08:15 GMT

Moderator: Prof. George Crooks
How can cities leverage smart technology in the fight against COVID-19?
How can we ensure safe traveling and movement of citizens?
What digital services are on the rise due to the pandemic?



(Re)connection in the New Reality

This webinar aimed to move beyond a discussion solely focused on national challenges and solutions associated with the COVID-19 pandemic by providing members and participants a direct look into the life of citizens around the world. As people are coping with a new reality, WeGO sought to provide a platform for them to share the challenges and changes they are facing. This was done through pre-recorded footage of the daily life of ordinary citizens and a discussion about their experiences with government officials from their respective cities.


Exploring Effects and Results of COVID-19 in the Americas

This webinar explored issues and challenges raised by the COVID-19 outbreak, with a specific focus on the readiness and responses of local governments, corporations, and institutions in the Americas.

With efforts to develop a vaccine predicted to go on until at least the second half of 2021, this session highlighted the steps cities are taking in the meantime to allow their citizens to get back to normal life. It sought to share COVID-19-related challenges, policies, and solutions in enabling economies and schools to restart, such as testing, tracing, and digital delivery of services.

Cities shared their experience of dealing with quarantine regulations, opinions on working and studying from home, best practice that can be replicated in the region, and policy changes that instituted in the face of the pandemic. Smart tech solution providers shared insight on how to prepare for a second wave, along with predictions for the post-COVID-19 era.


Sharing COVID-19 measures with local governments, smart tech solution providers, and healthcare professionals

WeGO successfully held the first installment of its Smart Health Responder Webinar series on Friday, May 29, from 16:00-17:55 (KST), titled “Sharing COVID-19 measures with local governments, smart tech solution providers, and healthcare professionals.”

 This webinar session covered the topics below:

  1.   Korea’s Rapid Response and Preparedness – Seoul Metropolitan Government
  2.   City Experience with Successes & Challenges – Bangkok, Thailand
  3.   City Experience with Successes & Challenges – Vladivostok, Russia 
  4.   Smart Tech as an Enabler for Smart Health Solutions – Biosurveillance Platform
  5.   Smart Tech as an Enabler for Smart Health Solutions – Remote Monitoring and Early Detection of Thermally Verificable Diseases
  6.   Readiness Advice from the Medical Community – Dr. Ogan Gurel, Chief Medical Officer, Psomagen