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StayHomeSafe Wristbands & App

StayHomeSafe Wristbands & App

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StayHomeSafe Wristbands & App


The Hong Kong government has rolled out electronic tracker wristbands that alert authorities of rogue escapees and ensure people under compulsory home quarantines to not stray away from the confines of their apartments. The wristband and the app commonly use geofencing technology (uses GPS signals to determine when a target customer enters a boundary) which identifies unique sets of communications signals to deduce whether someone is inside or outside of their home. If someone tries to breach the quarantine by leaving their home, the app triggers a warning and alerts the government.


  • At the airport, all arrivals are given a wristband, each with a unique QR code. The users will then download an app called StayHomeSafe on their phones, and scan the QR code to pair the wristband with the app. Once home, they are to walk around the apartment to calibrate the wristband. This allows the government to monitor the quarantined person’s location and alerts nearby authorities if he/she leaves their apartment.
  • Officials said the tracking device is compliant with Hong Kong regulations and poses no privacy concerns because it does not track one’s exact location.


  • The electronic tracking wristbands are aimed to enforce the self-quarantine measures to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.
  • 6,000 wristbands are ready for use with another 55,000 on their way.


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