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SmileMate Virtual Consultation

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SmileMate Virtual Consultation


Dental Monitoring, in collaboration with Smile Doctor, has developed a smartphone-based system that allows patients to have their teeth checked in one minute, without having to physically make the trip to the clinic amid the COVID-19 pandemic.


  • It enables virtual consultations with prospective new patients at home, offering an almost instant oral health assessment through photos taken with the patient’s own smartphone.
  • It uses AI to allow the doctor to remotely monitor the progress of the patient’s treatment through photos taken by the patient using the Dental Monitoring (DM) app on their own smartphone. The Dental Monitoring solution allows real time communication between the Doctor’s team and the patient.
  • Each scan reportedly takes only about one minute for the patient to perform.


  • In the time of pandemic, Dental Monitoring has decided to provide free access for SmileMate Virtual Consultation to all individual dentists and orthodontists worldwide until the end of May 2020.
  • As patients can stay at home, this system has allowed patients to abide by the imposed self-quarantine measures. Also, as the orthodontists can rapidly engage in consultations by using the photos provided by the patients, orthodontists are capable of taking more patients within the same limited period.


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