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Smart Helmets

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Smart Helmets


Dubai police are using the smart helmets to screen people in densely populated areas. The smart helmets, equipped with AI-based Infrared camera, face recognition and care number plate reader, can scan the temperatures of hundreds of people every minute and instantly get their personal details of residence.


  • The helmet, developed by Chinese company KC Wearable, is equipped with an infrared camera, face recognition technology and car number plate reader to monitor people.
  • The helmet looks very simple and AI-based cameras are hardly noticeable.
  • The helmet can measure temperatures from 5m away and scan up to 200 people a minute, triggering an alert if a fever is detected and sends the information to the paramedic’s mobile phone.
  • The helmet automatically records the car number plate and check the police record to see if there is anything suspicious about the vehicle or the driver.
  • The policy officer simply needs to wear the helmet and look at a resident to know his/her body temperature.


  • The helmet needs less time and less contact than traditional thermometers.
  • The helmet also increases safety among patrolling officers and paramedics who are the first point of contact with the cases, as any initial symptoms of COVID-19 can be checked without direct contact.


Source(s): Straits Times, The Star