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Smart Eagle Distance Monitor

Smart Eagle Distance Monitor 150 150 WeGO

Smart Eagle Distance Monitor


SmartEagle, a smart building solutions provider, has developed a distance sensor to ensure social-distancing is well maintained in the office. The distance sensor uses optical sensors to measure the number of people in a room, and the distance between them.


  • The sensor uses AI and has been trained to tell the difference between people and non-human objects.
  • The data from the different sensors is combined to validate that the mutual distance meets the requirements. The results are immediately available via various possible means of communication e.g. a traffic light that turns orange or red, or a notification that appears on users’ phones.
  • The sensor is easy to install on the ceiling since it is wireless and provides real-time measurement results.
  • Apart from measuring social distancing, the sensor can also serve other purposes, such as finding free workplaces.
  • No data is recorded, so a users’ privacy is protected at all times.


  • The distance censoring system will encourage people to maintain a minimum distance of 1.5 meters in the office, allowing them to return to work safely in the time of COVID-19.


Source(s):Silicon Canals, Evalan, SmartEagle