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Smart Dome

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Smart Dome


Indyme, an in-store response solutions provider, has introduced the SmartDome system to inform shoppers about social distancing and enforce the inherent rules. Upon detecting people in the monitored area, SmartDome announces a message such as “For your safety, please maintain at least six feet of social distance.”


  • SmartDome looks like a dome security camera that is typically seen in many stores, but it operates much differently. It detects people in a pre-specified, monitored area and measures the distance between them. If they are disobeying the rules of social-distancing, it alarms “for your safety, please maintain at least six feet of social distance”.
  • Since the device is battery-operated, store staff can quickly self-install above areas where reminders are most needed, such as checkouts, service counters, entrances and busy departments.
  • Once pandemic fears subside, SmartDome can be repurposed to help reduce theft and increase customer engagement.


  • The new technology will help people shop safely in retail stores by offering the staff and customers real-time reminders of social distancing.
  • This is also an example of how business can assist the society with its innovation and survive in the dynamic and evolving situation.


Source(s):CS News, Retail Dive