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‘SAFETY’ Walking-Thru System

‘SAFETY’ Walking-Thru System 600 400 WeGO

‘SAFETY’ Walking-Thru System


‘SAFETY’ also called “walking-thru system” is a screening system adopted to address the rising demand for COVID-19 testing. Under this system, the patient goes into a single-person medical booth that separates him/her and the doctor. Doctors can collect samples without contacting patients using the glove attached to the booth. The examination takes less than 2 minutes, which allows to diagnose more people in a short period of time. Since doctors can examine patients without direct physical contact, the risk of infection of staff can be reduced.


  • The idea came from ‘BSC’ (Bio Safety Cabinet), which is mainly used for handling hazardous materials in a laboratory.
  • Size of booth: .7x.7×2.5m
  • In the booth, a sound pressure facility and UV lamp are installed.
  • An intercom system is installed as well to enable doctors to communicate with patients during treatment.
  • A booth customized for children is also available.


  • Through the system, examination time has shortened, sample collection takes about 1 minute, and disinfection time has shortened to 1-2 minutes.
  • As the system allows a more efficient flow of both doctors and patients, waiting times are also decreased.
  • The system is helpful especially to those who are unable to use the drive-thru screening system, the elderly, and children.
  • Since the doctor examines the patient separately, the risk of infection of staff is reduced.
  • 4 booths are operated at the same time, and considering the disinfection time, up to 10 people can be inspected every hour.


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