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Romware COVID Radius Digital Bracelet

Romware COVID Radius Digital Bracelet 570 380 WeGO

Romware COVID Radius Digital Bracelet


Port of Antwerp is collaborating with technology company Rombit to introduce the Romware COVID Radius, a watch-like device aimed at ensuring social distancing. The device vibrates, beams red lights and gives employees a warning message when they come too close to each other. To protect privacy, the device will not track workers’ movements or measure their performance. However, the contact tracing feature is possible to add onto the device when necessary. It is hoped to help the economy safely restart while preventing further spread of COVID-19.


  • The device was originally designed to find tugboat crew members that have fallen overboard but now modified to help stop the spread of the disease.
  • The device vibrates if it comes within 3m (9.8ft) of another band.
  • The device collects no data nor does it track people’s movements but it can be programmed to provide information.
  • The vibration strength similar to that of a mobile telephone but more noticeable when on a wrist, intensifies the closer the bracelets get and red lights flash.


  • The company has already received requests from up to 500 companies from 99 countries. It hopes to expand production to have 25,000 devices ready in weeks, potentially expanding more in June.



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