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Robots in Hospitals

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Robots in Hospitals


CloudMinds, a Beijing-based robotics company, is using its robots to help patients and to prevent secondary COVID-19 infection in Wuhan’s hospitals. The robots are used to deliver medication, patrol and clean infected areas, lead patients in exercises, and even perform robo-dances to entertain bored quarantined patients. They are also used to check heart rates and blood oxygen levels via smart bracelets and rings worn by patients.


  • Each robot costs between $17,000 and $72,000, depending on its features.
  • The robots can monitor patients’ vital signs by accessing the data of thermometers and bracelet-like smart devices connected to patients.


  • It has helped alleviate physicians’ exposure to the virus and eased the workload of healthcare workers experiencing exhaustion, resulting in limited human-to-human contact and contained spread of the COVID-19.


Source: Channel News Asia, CNBC