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Reservation App for Grocery Shopping

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Reservation App for Grocery Shopping


The restaurant reservation app, Open Table is now taking reservations for grocery shopping at specialty grocery stores and shops in San Francisco and Los Angeles to bolster social-distancing efforts. The new system is expected to reduce crowds waiting at the door to enter the store, reducing the spread of COVID-19.


  • For users, shopping times can be reserved on OpenTable in the same way that they can reserve a restaurant table. They can then enter the store at their appointed time without waiting. Shoppers who have not pre-reserved can also join an online waiting list and wait at home or in their car for their slot, instead of standing in a physical line to get into a store.
  • Each retailer can adapt the platform to allow different numbers of reservation slots.


  • In the time of COVID-19 and accompanying panic-buying behavior, grocery stores and supermarkets can use the new app to reduce crowds waiting to enter the store, minimizing the risk of accidents due to crowdedness and reduce the spread of COVID-19.
  • For elderly and disabled customers, who are much more vulnerable to the coronavirus, OpenTable’s platform may be particularly useful.
  • The new option is also an example of how businesses can adapt their way of thinking in order to continue to operate under new conditions.


Source(s):NBC Bay Area, The Verge