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Registration Using QR Code at Hospitals

Registration Using QR Code at Hospitals

Registration Using QR Code at Hospitals 639 425 WeGO

Registration Using QR Code at Hospitals

Republic of Korea

Severance Hospital, among many other hospitals in Korea, has adopted a QR code registration system to facilitate the registry process of patients. Through the new system, patients are requested to fill in their medical history and other relevant information, such as travel history and symptoms, by simply scanning a QR code. As speedy registration of patients is considered one of the key features of rapid COVID-19 examination, the new registration system is expected to help mitigate the spread of COVID-19.


  • The hospital sends patients a QR code via KakaoTalk (online messenger service) or text message for booking. By using this QR code, patients can register in advance as it allows patients to fill out the registration form online and provide relevant information such as symptoms and travel history.
  • A “black QR code” will be generated if the patient is healthy. He can then present his QR code at the hospital entrance and be granted access. When there seems to be a problem, a “red QR code” is generated. In this case, he will be sent to a designated clinic instead.


  • The system is being used by an average of 6,100 patients per day at Severance Hospital, one of Korea’s largest hospitals. Currently, the system is being widely adopted by other hospitals in Korea.
  • As the registration process is done purely online, the system minimizes human-to-human contact, reducing the risk of the spread of COVID-19.


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