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Regional Corona Job Bank

Regional Corona Job Bank 1297 489 WeGO

Regional Corona Job Bank


With the outlook of a potential over-capacitated healthcare system due to COVID-19, the Danish regions and communes together with Emply, an HR processing and management tool, launched the Corona Jobbank Platform to recruit volunteers to ease the pressure of incoming patients. The jobbank is open to medical & nursing students, unemployed as well as retired healthcare practitioners including nurses, doctors or other types of medical staff. Within just a few days of launching, the jobbank has received thousands of applications.


  • One component of the jobbank is the Center for Capacity Building which offers relevant training courses for current medical students in nursing and respiratory practices. The courses aim to train the students to be able to perform care functions as well as observation of patients in the hospital wards.
  • While the service is called a jobbank, it is completely volunteer-based, hence, registered assistance does not get paid for the provided services.


  • In Region Midtjylland (Middle Region of Denmark) alone, more than 1700 medical students, unemployed or retired healthcare practitioners’ volunteers to support the healthcare system. News of the jobbank was shared on Facebook by more than 19.000 people.
  • Within 2 days more than 10.000 Danes has registered on the jobbank and offered their assistance. In particular, Region Zealand has recruited more than 230 applicants through the jobbank.


Source: Jobbank, TVMV, Flokebladet