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Ramallah’s COVID-19 Measures

Ramallah’s COVID-19 Measures

Ramallah’s COVID-19 Measures 570 380 WeGO

Ramallah's COVID-19 Measures


Ramallah believes that cities have the capacity to support their communities to withstand crises. In light of the latest COVID-19 pandemic, their responsibility as civil servants in ensuring the wellbeing of their citizens and the delivery of services to all city inhabitants with equity and equality has become more pronounced than ever. As a municipality, Ramallah aims to improve the quality of life for its citizens, and this certainly does not stop even in the face of a public health crisis through creative solutions that touch on the physical and mental health of its citizens.

The municipality launched a multi-level plan to effectively serve its citizens during this difficult time, which includes imposing lockdown of municipal facilities, disinfecting public spaces, launching online activities, among others. For more information on Ramallah’s COVID-19 response, please download this report.