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QR Code Pass System

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QR Code Pass System


The region, some 400 kilometers east of Moscow, introduced a QR code pass system aimed to minimize the spread of COVID-19. Residents need to apply for a permit via QR code to leave their homes which is only for “essential reasons” designated by the government.


  • Residents can request QR codes as needed after registering on a government website on COVID-19.
  • Residents are required to ask for work permits (undefined), shopping (3 hours), walking the dog (1 hour), throwing out the trash (30 min), or seeing a doctor (3 hours) via QR-code system.
  • Failure to comply with the new rules will result in fines of up to RUB 5,000 (USD 67).


  • With the strict measures on citizens’ movement, the government hopes to curb the COVID-19 outbreak in the country.


Source(s): The Jakarta Post, The Moscow Times