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P-Guard Robot

P-Guard Robot 570 380 WeGO

P-Guard Robot


The Tunisian Ministry of Interior deployed the locally-made P-Guard (Pearl-Guard) robots to implement nationwide lockdown procedures in Tunis amid the coronavirus outbreak. The robot is controlled by security officers operating from an operation room at the Ministry of Interior through surveillance cameras, where a security officer asks citizens to show permits that allow them to roam the streets during the curfew.


  • The robot is manufactured by the Tunisian company ENOVA Robotics and equipped with infrared and thermal imaging cameras, in addition to a sound and light alarm system.
  • The robot transmits a message: “Everyone is required to abide by the law and follow the lockdown procedures by staying at home to curb the spread of the virus and eventually maintain the safety of human lives.”
  • It is not clear how many of the Tunisian-built surveillance robots have been deployed by the interior ministry (kept confidential for security reason).
  • A fine of 50 TND (USD 17) or more will be imposed on anyone violates lockdown or curfew.


  • The P-Guard deployed in Tunis has been popular on social media and has helped to make sure residents are following lockdown rules to reduce the spread of COVID-19.


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