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“Ninja Robots”

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'Ninja Robots'


Hospitals in Thailand are using “Ninja Robots” (named for their black exterior) to ease the burden on medical staff and reduce the spread of COVID-19 by allowing doctors and nurses outside the facility to monitor patients remotely. The Ninja Robots are equipped with a computerized screen that enables doctors to speak with patients through video chat and a temperature sensor minimizing human-to-human contact. They will soon to be able to bring food and medicine to patients, and disinfect hospital wards as well.


  • A computerized screen that enables video chatting between doctors and patients and a temperature sensor attached to the Ninja Robot’s body.
  • Later models are being designed to bring food and medicine to patients and disinfect hospital wards.


  • It has helped alleviate physicians’ exposure to the virus and has eased the workload of health care workers by allowing medical staff to check patients’ condition without travelling to each patient’s ward and going through the disinfection procedure.
  • Currently, Ninja Robots are helping four hospitals in Bangkok, and more are to be deployed to ten other hospitals.


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