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MyGov Corona Helpdesk

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MyGov Corona Helpdesk


With false information regarding COVID-10 flourishing the internet that can potentially cause unnecessary panic, the government of India launched a Corona helpdesk that is activated via WhatsApp. Haptik Technologies, an AI specialized firm, developed the Corona helpdesk which can provide the people of India with reliable and official information, dispel any false rumors, as well as, create a sense of calm in the midst of the chaos.


  • To connect to the Corona helpdesk, an individual should send a text message to +919013151515
  • Once connected, one can send their questions through the WhatsApp-based helpdesk, which is followed by an automated response
  • The Corona helpdesk provides updates and detailed information on the COVID-19 outbreak, such as infected regions and daily number of infected people.


  • Within 10 days of launching, the helpdesk recorded a total of 17 million users and 25 million active conversations.
  • On average, the helpdesk has recorded approximately 170,000 users per day.

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